• Which is a good manufacturer of famous inventive shelves in Foshan, Guangdong?

      Mingchuang High-quality Shelf  Where is the manufacturer of famous creative shelf in Foshan, Guangdong, and the decoration design of famous creative shelf  Today, more and more people are joining th

    2019-08-15 永创艺货架

  • How about Nomi's home? How to Choose Store Location for NOME Shelf Community Convenience Store

      一. Reference Criteria for Store Location  There are no less than 10,000 inhabitants in the radius of 1,500 meters, including no less than 1,500 households in the radius of 200 meters.  2. Street-fac

    2019-08-13 永创艺货架

  • How to put the supermarket stack? What goods are suitable for stack promotion?

    堆头是一种常见的陈列式促销,一般有两种方式:一是突出“黄金”堆头,二是推出“强势促销”。它在提高销量的同时也能发挥展示形象的作用。因而,在设计堆头的过程中,要特别注意位置的摆放、形状的创意和各类装饰,可以突出产品的品牌形象,而且还能尽可能地吸引消费者的“眼球”,也是提升产品销量的主要因素。 在目不暇接的商品中如何吸引消费者的注意?并让消费者通过堆头得到产品的有效信息而做出购买的决定,创造

    2019-08-12 永创艺货架

  • How should the storage shelves be maintained and prolonged?

      With the development of modern logistics skills, the utilization rate of warehouse shelves is also increasing. Many factors will affect the service life of warehouses, such as temperature, humidity,

    2019-08-07 永创艺货架

  • What are the skills of store merchandise display and how to promote sales quickly?

      The orderly and regular display of goods will not only give customers the impression of good management and attentive service, but also help stores to better manage goods, create a scientific atmosp

    2019-08-05 永创艺货架

  • How to attract customers on Valentine's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival? Four Strategies Make Shops Blow Up

    七夕情人节和中秋节马上就要到来了,我们实体店铺应该如何抓住节日气氛让店铺爆起来呢?希望以下永创艺的建能提供到一些帮助:首先要策划活动方案,除了营造浓烈的节日氛围,店内布置及海报体现出七夕情人节的气氛,精品店同仁还可以这样吸引顾客:  1.签到送玫瑰(情人结)  当天进店的顾客,让其填写顾客登记信息表,里面包括顾客本人与伴侣的姓名、年龄、职业、生日、住址、身体情况等一些信息。顾客

    2019-08-03 永创艺货架

  • What is the trend of supermarket retail industry in 2019?

    今天分享下2019年超市行业甚至整个零售行业的四个发展趋势。  1.体验,体验,体验  曾经,房地产业甚至零售业一直推崇的格言就是,“位置,位置,位置”。确实,在过去物资不够丰足、业态不够饱合的年代,位置很重要。而随着千禧一代成为主要的消费群体,你会发现,他们需要的是“体验,体验,体验“。他们比以往的任何一代都要注理用户体验,他们愿意花费更多的时间、精力,去

    2019-08-03 永创艺货架

  • Can shelf manufacturers customize the shelves of chain convenience stores? Will it be much more expensive than usual?

      Can shelf manufacturers customize the shelves of chain convenience stores? Will it be much more expensive than usual?  Chain convenience store shelves can be customized by shelf manufacturers. The a

    2019-08-03 永创艺货架

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