What kind of shelf would you like to open a boutique? Fashion shelves are here!

2019-07-27 11:35:17 永创艺货架

  Recently, I posted on the Internet asking what kind of shelves I want to open a boutique store. I have no time to see, now Yongchuangyi's Xiaoyi will explain in detail what kind of shelves the boutique stores use to fashion up-grade bar.

  Generally, our boutique stores are not too big, and there are many kinds of goods, so this requires us to use the largest space to put as many goods as possible. There are also boutiques with more female customers, so the shelf height is not suitable for too high. In addition, how we retain repeat customers, shop decoration and color matching is also very important, and there must be trendy shelf style. Then the purpose of choosing the shelf of the boutique store is clear. Let's have a detailed look at it together.

  1. Choice of color and height of shelves in boutique stores

  The color of the boutique must be mainly warm tone. The height should be about 1.5 meters, and the width should not be too wide. Because the boutique commodities generally do not occupy much space, the width of the laminate should be slightly narrower, and the back should have holes, so it is easier to hook up.

  2. Selection of Shelf Styles in Boutique Shops

  Boutique store shelf style must choose the latest style, the best choice with their own shop decoration style matching style, now shelf manufacturers will update some shelf products every year, we suggest that you let the sale of more pictures with us, choose a more innovative shelf style.

  3. Selection of shelf materials in boutique stores

  Although the demand of high-quality store shelves is not too high, but the good shelf material is more durable, and the service life is longer, which saves our cost in disguise. And the latest material shelf appearance and style do better, now most boutique shopkeepers will choose Steel-wood shelf, you can refer to it.


  4. Choice of Purchasing Channels for the Shelf of High-quality Stores

  Now there are many channels to buy shelves, such as wholesale markets, friends'introductions, shelf manufacturers and so on. For these channels, shelf manufacturers are still the most reliable. The advantages of manufacturers are still many. The quality is reliable and the design layout, installation and after-sales can be provided in the early stage. Of course, the choice of which way to buy depends on everyone. Choose according to your actual situation.

  Well, the above is Xiaoyi's introduction of what kind of supermarket shelves you want to open a boutique store with. I hope it can help you choose your own satisfied boutique shelves.

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