Rust Removal and Maintenance of Shelf

2019-07-27 11:34:18 永创艺货架

  After several years of shelf operation, there will inevitably be some rust attack. At this time, for the beauty of the shelf, we need to decontaminate the shelf by ourselves.

  European Standard Storage reminds you not to soak the rusty shelves in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long, otherwise the rusty shelves will react the substances inside. For example, in addition to rust will react with iron.

  It can remove rust on the shelf by small pneumatic or electric.

  This method mainly uses electricity or compressed air as power, installs appropriate derusting rack equipment, carries on the reciprocating movement or the rotation movement, in order to adapt to the derusting request of the rack.

  Pallet shelves, such as angular polishers, wire brushes, pneumatic needle bundle rust removers, pneumatic hammers, gear-type rotary rust removers, are classified as semi-mechanized equipment. They are lightweight, flexible, and are better than rust removal and old coatings. They can wool shelf coatings with a power of 1 to 2 m2/h, but they can not remove oxide scales. Their surface roughness is small and can not be reached. To achieve surface treatment quality, the work efficiency is lower than that of eruption treatment.

  It can be used in shelf location and in large warehouse shelf logistics base.

  High pressure water abrasive rust removal. The impact of high-pressure water jet (with abrasive grinding) and prying damaged the corrosion and the adhesion of coating to shelf steel plate. Its characteristics are no dust pollution, no damage to the shelf steel plate, rust removal power, up to 15,52h, good rust removal. However, the shelf steel plate after rust removal is easy to rust back, so special wet rust removal coatings must be applied, which has a great influence on the coating of general functional coatings.

  Blasting rust removal is to use high-speed rotating impeller to throw Abrasives onto the steel surface of the shelf to achieve the purpose of rust removal. Laminated shelf is a relatively good mechanical treatment method. It not only has high output power, but also has low cost and high automation. It can complete pipeline operation with less environmental pollution, but only operates indoors.


  Chemical rust removal mainly uses acid and metal oxides to react chemically, and then removes the rust products on the metal surface of shelf data. That is to say, acid pickling rust removal, which can only be operated in the workshop.

  1. Shelves with different standards for overweight prevention are manufactured according to load-bearing planning. Therefore, the weight of the goods placed on the shelf is within the acceptable weight of the shelf. Product placement is better in the shelf to do a good job of load-bearing and load-limiting logo, to comply with the shelf bottom weight on the light of the criteria, that is, the bottom weight, high-rise light.

  2. Prevent high temperature and humidity. Although the shelf columns and beams are made of steel and have been sprayed by acid pickling, phosphating and high temperature, they are likely to rust for a long time after being exposed to dampness and sunshine, and then affect their service life.

  3. To formulate the protection and maintenance criteria for store shelves. Shop salesmen learn and abide by. In general, cleaning, cleaning, smoothing, adjusting and other methods can be adopted to maintain the equipment, and then reduce the probability of shelf damage, to help companies reduce costs and expenditures.

  4. Warehousing shelves to achieve five regular inspection. That is, check the tightness of the bolt connection of the shelf regularly; check the joints of the beams and columns regularly to see if there is any damage; check the stress condition of the beams regularly when the shelves are in storage; check whether the parts of the shelves are painted off and repaired in time; check the stability of the shelves regularly so that they can stand in the shelves and shake the shelves lightly to check. Its stability under force.

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