Installation, Placement and Colour Matching of Steel and Wood Shelf in Supermarket

2019-07-27 11:32:30 永创艺货架

  Steel and wood shelves are used most in supermarkets. They are not only practical but also high-grade and beautiful. Their planning guarantees the display area and space of products, enables the products to be horizontal and disposed of in an orderly manner. They also provide convenience for salesmen to purchase, clean and customers to choose and supply products.

  In order to ensure the best display effect, supermarket shelves need to follow certain rules in many details. Let's have a brief understanding with Yongchuang Art Xiaobian.

  Whether it's steel and wood shelves in cabinet supermarkets, cabinet supermarkets, box supermarkets, boom supermarkets, etc., are used to place different products, which are convenient for customers to choose. A group of supermarket steel and Wood Shelves separated different types of sales, forming sales teams, so that customers can walk into the shop hall along the supermarket steel and wood structure of the channel network, see the shop operation of a variety of products, shop sales services are directly completed with customers in front of the supermarket steel and wood shelves.

  The channel weaved by the supermarket steel and wood goods structure determines the flow direction of customers. Whether vertical, diagonal, radiation, free circulation or direct placement methods are selected, certain flexibility should be reserved for the change of operation content, so as to adjust the placement mode of supermarket steel and wood shelves according to the needs. Therefore, all kinds of supermarket steel and wood shelves in modern comprehensive shopping malls choose the combination mode, as long as some franchised stores select a small number of fixed ways.

  Supermarket steel and Wood Shelves generally do not use stimulating colors, in order to avoid the noise. However, the color relationship between steel and wood shelves and products, it is necessary to take into account the general color effect. For products with bright colors, the color of steel and wood shelves should be grey; for products with light colors, the color of steel and wood shelves should be darker; for dark products, the color of steel and wood shelves should be lighter, and the color matching with products should play a role as a background color.

  Yongchuang Art Shelf as a dedicated brand display props export supplier, mainly produces supermarket shelves, convenience store shelves, boutique shelves, mother and child store shelves, stationery store shelves, Red Hotel shelves, etc. We also provide plane layout, space design and production, props design and production, door-to-door measurement, logistics distribution, installation, etc. All-round purchasing and quality service, such as after-sales, are welcome to inquire and order!

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