Maternal and Child Store Shelf Maintenance and Maintenance Knowledge

2019-07-18 11:30:34 永创艺货架
  In the course of utilization, the driving shelf may encounter problems such as forklift collision, shelf deformation and so on. As a customer, what should you do when you encounter such problems? How to check the utilization of shelves?

  1. Maintenance of Inbound Shelf

  If the entry shelf is damaged outside the sale, please contact the after-sales service part of the shelf company immediately. The shelf company will respond according to the company's process, assign the after-sales service team to repair the past, and seize the normal use of shelves in a short time, without affecting the compliance of the matter.

  2. Maintenance of Inbound Shelf

  Check the tightness of the bolts adjacent to the shelf regularly.

  Check regularly the adjacent place between the beam and the column, whether there are signs of damage.

  Check regularly the bending deformation of the guide rail and the flatness of the guide rail at both ends of the channel.

  4. Check regularly the deformation level of the bracket, whether there are signs of cracking and whether it is equal to the ground.

  Check regularly the environment of the protective pillar and whether it is harmful to the environment.

  If the shelf parts are missing paint, please do it in real time.

  Check the stability of the stable shelf regularly. You can stand in the middle of the upper shelf and sway into the shelf with light force to check the stability of the shelf under stress.

  Check the verticality of the shelf regularly to see if there is tilt.

  How to recuperate?

  1. The shelves with different specifications against overweight are all made on the basis of load-bearing plan. Therefore, the weight of goods placed on the shelf must be within the shelf weight. Merchandise placement is fortunate to have a good load-bearing and load-limiting logo on the shelf, which should follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the shelf, that is, heavy weight on the bottom and light weight on the top.

  2. Prevent high temperature and humidity. Although the shelf pillars and beams are made of steel, and the appearance of them is acid pickling, phosphating and high temperature spraying, after being exposed to dampness and sunshine, they will probably rust for a long time, thus affecting the service life.

  3. Set up a maintenance system for supermarket shelves. Supermarket salesmen learn to be gentle and obedient to ensure the tranquility and longevity of shelves. Usually, cleaning, exclusion, lubrication, mediation and other methods can be accepted to take care of nurses in setting up equipment deployment, so as to eliminate the possibility of shelf damage, and subsidize enterprises to eliminate cost expenditure.

  4. Warehousing shelves should be inspected regularly. That is to inspect regularly the tightness of the bolts adjacent to the shelf; inspect regularly the adjacent parts of the beams and columns, whether there are signs of damage; inspect regularly the stress environment of the beams when the shelves store goods; inspect regularly whether the parts of the shelves are lacquered and repaired in real time; inspect regularly the stability of the shelves, you can stand in the shelves and shake the shelves lightly to inspect them. Stability under force.

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