Surface Treatment Technology of Supermarket Steel and Wood Shelf

2019-07-18 11:28:06 永创艺货架

  Supermarket steel and wood shelves in the supermarket use, not only to facilitate the placement of goods, but also more convenient for customers to choose goods, shelf appearance processing technology is very important for shelves, below a brief understanding of the steel and wood shelf appearance processing technology requirements.

  Surface treatment technology of steel and wood shelves in supermarkets:

  The so-called shelf appearance processing technology mainly refers to the shelf surface processing after starting processing, assembly and welding.

  The quality of surface treatment, the thickness of spray layer (the national standard is more than 60 mu), whether there are leaks, blistering, orange peel and other phenomena, and whether the rust layer and oil on the surface of steel are cleaned or not.


  Among them, high-quality supermarket wooden shelves will involve pickling and phosphating (pickling and phosphating are mainly a thorough cleaning and treatment process after grinding and rust removal of raw materials on shelves, and after pickling and phosphating, the appearance of shelf components will become smoother and smoother)。

  Notes for purchasing steel and wood shelves in supermarkets: carefully check the appearance of the shelf, you can touch it with your hand to see if it is flat and smooth; investigate whether the color of the shelf is uniform; you can do a slight knock test after getting the same from the seller.

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