How to put the supermarket stack? What goods are suitable for stack promotion?

2019-08-12 13:41:34 永创艺货架

  Pile head is a kind of common display promotion. There are generally two ways: one is to highlight the "gold" pile head, the other is to launch a "strong promotion". It not only improves sales but also plays a role in displaying image. Therefore, in the process of designing the stack head, special attention should be paid to the placement of the position, the creativity of the shape and various decorations, which can highlight the brand image of the product, and also attract consumers'attention as much as possible, which is also the main factor to improve the sales of the product.


  How to attract consumers'attention in the endless commodities? And let consumers get effective information through the stack to make purchase decisions and create a good sales? Following by Yongchuang art shelf Xiaoyi to share with you:

  1. Choice of stack head position

  The selection of heap head position is very important. The better stacking positions in stores are as follows:

  1. The front stack positions of the main channel on the front of the entrance of the store;

  2. The first stack position on the right side of the entrance to the store;

  3. The stack head position at both ends of the channel;

  4. End rack stack head position;

  5. Promotional location of the front channel of the cash register;

  6. The location of the stack head at the junction point of the store's moving line.


  2. Shape and Decoration of Heap Head

  In addition to location, good stack shape and decoration are also very important for using stack to promote sales. Good stack shape and decoration can "stack" out of aesthetic feeling, "stack" out of brand image, "stack" out of sales.

  Generally speaking, there are three types of stack head shapes:

  Planar type: refers to the surface of the stack head display products are flat;

  Ladder type: refers to the size of the stack head, the stack box products are trapezoidal or the products displayed on the surface are trapezoidal;

  Special type: If the position of stack head is not very good, in order to increase the product's expression and attract consumer's attention, special type stack head of different shapes can be placed according to the packaging situation of the product and the need of brand promotion.

  3. What commodities are suitable for stack promotion?

  1. Payment stack: Especially when the major stores can afford considerable stack fees, they can stack in a good period of time in a good area. Agree with Xiaoyi's point of view.

  2. Fashion Trend: There are also "face" concepts in the stores. They all hope to introduce new fashionable products to attract consumers'eyes and promote the whole atmosphere and sales of the stores.

  3. Seasonality: Choose popular goods with strong seasonality, such as hand warmers in winter, summer mats, slippers, herbal tea.

  4. Ultra-low price: Price is always the most concerned factor for consumers. It is often seen that merchants exceed some low-priced drinks, eggs are in a long line, and the strategy of ultra-low price improves the popularity of the market.

  5. Warehouse clearing commodities (temporary goods): Suppliers sometimes carry out special promotions in order to eliminate critical commodities and some obsolete varieties.


  Above is Xiaoyi to introduce you to the supermarket stack of some promotional methods, I hope to help you.

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