What are the skills of store merchandise display and how to promote sales quickly?

2019-08-05 13:40:44 永创艺货架

  The orderly and regular display of goods will not only give customers the impression of good management and attentive service, but also help stores to better manage goods, create a scientific atmosphere of the store, and stimulate customers'desire to buy, so as to attract and retain customers and increase the sales volume of stores.

  However, in the face of a variety of display requirements and content, shop assistants are often difficult to remember and master. Here, Yongchuang Art Shelf tidies up some skills about the display of goods in stores, so that stores can quickly pull sales!

  Obviously easy to find

  The first condition of display: any goods on the shelf, customers and shop assistants can easily see, find and get. Therefore, in the process of display, we should ensure that every commodity on display can meet this basic requirement.

  Extend your hand to the highest degree

  Similar to the obvious principle, the height of the shelf display should be controlled within the reach of the shop assistant or customer.

  Don't put it upside down when facing outwards

  Commodities should be positively oriented towards customers, which not only facilitates customers to pay attention to goods, but also reflects the basic management level of stores.

  Price tag counterpart

  Price labels should correspond to commodities one by one, so as to avoid bad impressions such as misplaced goods or price traps, which lead to customers'distrust of store commodities, and also play a role in facilitating customers' choosing and purchasing commodities.

  Can stand upright and not lie upright and upright

  Commodities that can be erected and displayed should be erected as far as possible. In addition to increasing the area of sight and raising the attention of commodities, the consumption of raw liquor, essential oil and other formulations can be avoided due to long-term inversion.

  Left low right high price group

  Generally speaking, commodity display should be based on the customer's moving line (customer's flow route), in turn, display low, medium and high-price commodities. Especially in the direction of customer entry display of low-priced goods, can play a role in attracting customers.

  Focus on the Golden Place

  On the same group of shelves, because customers look at different ways, the sales generated by different display positions will be different. Generally speaking, the sales of goods displayed in the position with eyesight are the highest, while the sales of goods that customers need to look up and squat to watch are relatively low.

  Brand goods are not covered up

  Brand goods are an important category to ensure the flow of customers in stores. Brand goods operated by stores can be determined as key commodities or auxiliary commodities or other commodities according to the characteristics of their sales, so as to adjust their position accordingly, but they should not be deliberately hidden or hidden.

  Creating Themes in Classification Centralization

  Commodities should be categorized, placed regularly and orderly, arranged in an orderly manner, and the same category of goods should be centralized together to facilitate customers to find. On this basis, each category of goods can set up a small theme, highlight the focus and characteristics, catch people's attention.

  Relevant display of good service

  Stores should combine customer movement lines and target customers'consumption habits to make reasonable display layout. Generally, seasonal and active commodities can be arranged near the entrance, promotional commodities can also be set up at the junction of the customer movement line, and commodity related areas can be set up within the stores according to the needs of different target customers.

  First-in, first-out, less effective period

  In order to avoid the loss of expiration period of commodities, commodities should be displayed according to the principle of "first in first out".

  No negligence in fixing cargo space

  To maximize the display effect and achieve the solidification of commodity management. When conditions permit, stores should gradually realize the management of store space and strengthen the effect of commodity management.

  End-to-End of Special Goods

  In addition to the display of commodities in basic display locations, for some special commodities, such as seasonal commodities, promotional commodities, etc., under the premise of conforming to commodity management, we should try our best to increase the display of end or flower carts, so as to create a better marketing atmosphere in stores.

  Projects with assistance

  Display is not only the display of commodities, but also the combination display of special brand, POP and other display props and commodities. Through the proper use of display tools, the display effect of key commodities can be more prominent, playing the role of silent salesman.

  Small items on the cash register

  Generally speaking, commodities suitable for cash register display are: small commodities, convenience commodities, commodities easily overlooked by customers, impulsive purchase commodities, commodities with relatively low unit price, etc. Displaying these commodities can promote customers to "incidental" purchase.

  Anti-theft of Valuable Goods

  Valuable goods that are easy to be stolen should be displayed in closed cabinets and managed by specialists. Usually, the varieties of famous brand manufacturers, the best-selling varieties in the local consumer circle, the relatively high price items, etc., are easy to become the target goods of theft, and special designs are needed in the display, such as empty box display, anti-theft magnetic strips, closed-cabinet display, etc.

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