How to attract customers on Valentine's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival? Four Strategies Make Shops Blow Up

2019-08-03 13:39:23 永创艺货架

  Qixi Valentine's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are coming soon. How should our physical stores seize the festive atmosphere to make the stores burst? I hope that the following Yongchuang Art can help: First, we should plan the activity plan. Besides creating a strong Festival atmosphere, the layout and posters in the shop reflect the atmosphere of Valentine's Day on July Eve. Our colleagues in the boutique shop can also attract customers in this way:

  1. Sign in and send roses (Valentine's Complex)

  Customers who enter the store on the same day are asked to fill in the customer registration information form, which includes the names, ages, occupations, birthdays, addresses and physical conditions of the customers and their partners. Customers will be given a rose or a lover's complex free of charge (depending on the promotion cost of the store)。 In this way, customers can feel the atmosphere of Valentine's Day in the store at the beginning, and the clerk can grasp the basic information of two customers in the first time. This will play a certain role in paving the way for the next sales promotion or customer information collection in the future.

  2. Writing Love Card on behalf of others

  On that day, customers who bought Valentine's Day promotional products in the store helped each other write a love card for their partner. These love cards can be written out in advance by the drugstore to let the customers choose, or they can be told what they want to say to their partner on the spot by the clerk, who writes it on the card. If you are going to prepare love cards for elderly customers, you should choose a slightly implicit sentence to help them express their love tactfully.

  3. The Great Test of Consciousness

  On the day of Valentine's Day, we can hold interesting activities such as "The Great Test of Confidence". Call members in advance to inform customers to take their partners to participate in the activities and give gifts (you can sign gifts with them)。 Activities can be conducted in the form of question and answer. The assistant presides over questions. Questions are set for one of the two parties'birthdays, ages, hobbies, etc. The two customers answer at the same time to see if the content is consistent and pass the relevant test. Each pass plus one point, the highest scorer awarded the "You know my heart" award, and won a couple of decorations, roses, chocolate.

  4. Layout the atmosphere of Valentine's Day on July Eve

  On July Eve, if a boutique wants to be "turned over" by God, it must adopt POP hanging, posters and promotional shelves to attract consumers. For example: Banner pulled up, balloon hung up! Put up promotional goods! Create an atmosphere! Through the use of national high-quality promotional exhibition shelves to match and display the relevant goods, so that customers can purchase more easily and easily, it will play a multiplier effect, greatly improve the user experience, thereby greatly improving sales.


  The above is about how to attract customers on Valentine's Day on July Eve. Four strategies to make boutique boom "content introduction, I hope you can bring some help. If you have any questions and need help, you can log on to Yongchuang Art Shelf Network for consultation. At the same time, you are welcome to leave a message on the official website. We will provide you free shop opening guidance, design layout, door-to-door installation and after-sales related services. Yongchuang Art Shelf will innovate with you, cooperate with you, develop and win-win situation.

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