Rules for example sharing shelf display

2019-07-25 13:34:12 永创艺货架

  Scientific and reasonable product display can make the store image display, and make the key products stand out, highlight the advantages of the product, and then mobilize the intention of buyers, increase the revenue of stores.

  I. Guidelines for Shelf Arrangement

  Quantity: Adding the number of display areas will enhance the visual impact, build a sense of product richness, add sales;

  Convergence: The company's series of products are assembled and furnished to obtain relevant, holistic brand association and influence;

  Colors: Attractive colors and appropriate color mixing can leave consumers with rich products, strong selectivity, strong company image and display function;

  Lighting: With proper lighting, it can strengthen the color of products, deepen the aesthetic effect of products, and build display and shopping air. In addition, it can attract the attention of buyers and arouse their affinity for products.

  Leading products: Leading products with large sales should occupy a larger display space;

  Position shows: key brand products should be displayed in the appropriate position, that is, the direction parallel to the vision.

  2. Choice of shelf display orientation

  In the same group of shelves, due to the different ways of customer staring, the sales volume of different display orientations will change differently. The sales volume of products displayed in the same direction with a smooth vision is higher, while the sales volume of products that customers need to look up and crouch to gaze at is relatively low.

  Shelf gold level: 60-160cm horizontally visible, available;

  Secondary azimuth: 160cm-180cm, 30cm-60cm;

  Upper and lower end: more than 180 cm, less than 30 cm.

  3. Requests for shelf furnishings

  The company's products are displayed straight and horizontally on the same shelf with the same standard package. Each standard has at least three rows, and the bigger the rows, the better - sales are almost proportional to rows.

  Sales standards or standards that the company strives to implement, the company's higher profitability standards on good shelves, or regular replacement standards on good shelves.

  Brand products are the main categories of customer flow in stores. Brand products operated by stores can judge whether they belong to key products, assistant products or other products according to the characteristics of their sales, and then adjust their orientation accordingly.

  Customer action lines and policies should be linked to customer spending habits for reasonable layout planning.

  Generally, it can place the movable products near the entrance (to increase the rate of customers entering the store), establish the movable items (to extend the customer's movable lines) at the connecting points of the customer's movable lines, and also establish the product-related areas in the stores according to the needs of customers with different policies.

  Put the heavy and big products on the bottom and the small and light products on the top so as to facilitate the consumers to take them, which also conforms to the general aesthetic habits of everyone.

  In the period of promoting new products, more than 1/3 of the display space should be set aside for new products, and "borrow light" should be placed around the hottest products of the same kind.

  The display is not only the product display, POP and other display props and product combination display. Through the proper use of display items, it can show the display function of key products and accomplish the display purpose of silent salesmen.

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