How to create a comfortable and beautiful shopping space in boutique shops

2019-07-19 11:50:14 永创艺货架

  The comfort and beauty of shopping space greatly affect the number of patronage and stay time of consumers. In order to create more crowds and sales for boutique shops, operators should make more efforts to create a comfortable and beautiful shopping space. Recently, a friend asked: So how to create a comfortable and beautiful shopping space? Next, Yongchuang Yi offers you some suggestions.



  I. Beautiful overall decoration

  Make use of store layout, merchandise mix, lighting design, color hints and so on to enhance customers'on-site shopping experience. Comfortable shopping environment will increase the time customers stay in stores. The longer the customer stays in the store, the greater the possibility of purchase, which in turn promotes the sales of the store invisibly.

  The following illustrations are taken as examples: the storefront takes milky white as the overall tone, under the light of warm yellow lights, so that consumers can feel the warm and comfortable atmosphere, the red logo, so that the whole shop is no longer monotonous, while highlighting the enthusiasm of the brand. LCD screens are hung at the entrance to play specially produced background music or MV clips to greet guests, create atmosphere and display corporate image.



  2. Reasonable shelf display design

  Whether the spacing between shelf panels is reasonable or not is also an important factor affecting whether consumers can easily find the goods they need and their shopping experience. According to the average height of Chinese women of 1.55 meters, comprehensive space, vision, flat effect and other factors, the shelf finally determines 1.5 meters as the balance point, giving customers the best shopping experience.

  Shop display should not only be reasonable in color matching, but also be creative, so that consumers can enjoy a visual feast in addition to shopping. Biduo exquisite Department stores, provide professional planners for you to plan the various display shelf design and placement. Based on ergonomics, scientific planning of space height, channel width and category combination is carried out. Once customers enter the store, they will feel comfortable and atmospheric.



  3. High-quality audio-visual experience

  When music should be played in stores, what music should be played in which time period, there needs to be a point of convergence. To find this fit point, the premise is to study the appreciation level of target customers, not to meet the needs of all customers, but to make most customers like it, but also to reflect the taste of the store. Only when users are emotionally identified can they be loyal to the brand.

  Where can't you buy the same thing? Why do you have to come here, because you bring customers more convenient, more pleasant and more temperate shopping experience. Customers'experience in the store is all-round and 360 degrees. Good experience can prolong customers' stay time and increase purchase opportunities. Every operator should take creating an experience process that exceeds customer expectations as the ultimate goal.

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