Points for Attention in Installing Shelf in Convenience Store

2019-07-18 11:49:18 永创艺货架

  Several Points for Attention in Installation of Convenience Store Shelf

  Installing convenience store shelves is essentially the same as installing drugstore shelves, mother and child store shelves and supermarket shelves, because the installation methods and techniques are the same.

  First, the height of the shelves in convenience stores should not be too high, so that customers can not reach them when choosing and purchasing goods, or even touch other goods simply to make them fall off.


  Secondly, the color of convenience store shelves should be as common as possible with the whole air of the store, which makes people feel comfortable. Since then, the shopping mood will be better and the convenience store will have a sense of dependence.

  Third, convenience store shelves and shelves should not be too crowded, so it is not convenient for customers to make ends meet, but also simple to squeeze items on the exhibition shelves, customers purchase experience is not very good.

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