Attention should be paid to the layout of Feng Shui in the decoration of mother and child shops

2019-07-18 11:46:56 永创艺货架

  Mother and baby shop entrepreneurs naturally want to start business more and more prosperous, need to test the economic perspective and meet market demand, but also need a good shop Feng shui, that is to say, in addition to opening a mother and baby shop to choose a good location, decoration should also pay attention to Feng shui, the next Yongchuang art operation experts will tell you to decorate. Attention to geomantic details.


  You must pay attention to the geomantic layout of mother and child stores

  1. Cashier Arrangement

  The checkout desk of the mother-and-child store is the financial position of the store, which should not be too high, because it occupies a vital position in the feng shui of the mother-and-child store. The too high checkout desk will undoubtedly block the "money" outside the door, and the cashier sits in the too high checkout desk. It is easy for the cashier to slow down the customers who come to check out because of the visual obstruction. So the height of the cashier's desk must be moderate. Generally, the standard is that the cashier stands or sits inside and can expose his upper body.

  2. escalators are not open to doors

  Now most large shopping malls have escalators. Please note that escalators should not be directed at the door of shops. If this format has been formed, shelves should be used to cover them as far as possible so that customers do not see escalators as soon as they enter the door. This is also the principle of "like to circle and avoid rushing" in geomancy. Otherwise, The customers in your shop are "more visitors and less helpful".

  3. Store color matching

  Maternal and infant stores have a great deal of attention to color matching, such as red and other brighter colors, will make people in a relatively exciting state, stimulate people's desire to buy. From the perspective of geomantic omen, the color inside the store should be considered in combination with the owner's birthday, the orientation of the store and the five elements of the goods sold.

  4. Shop doors should not be too small

  The door is the throat of the shop, and the passage for customers and mother and child products to enter and exit and circulate. The number of babies'stores welcoming customers every day determines the rise and fall of mother and baby stores, so our stores must not be too small, which will affect the flow of people.

  5. Lighting and Music in Stores

  It is well known that lighting and music can really create an atmosphere, as the mother and child Shop Lighting is best yellow lights. The basic principle of lighting in stores is warm and bright, while not playing too exciting and roaring music, soothing music can make customers feel happy physically and mentally, and stay in stores more.

  6. Put brooms and mops in front of the store

  Mop and broom are the dirtiest things in the shop. Put the dirtiest things in front of the shop, that is, sweep out the shop.

  Because of the dripping water from mops, passers-by will walk around, and the image of stores will not be rewarded.

  7. No maintenance of shop plants

  If plants are placed, do not maintain them. The iron tree is now dead, and customers will have a feeling of decline and disgrace when they see it.

  8. In the corner of the shelf of the store, there are sharp angles.

  Let's check for ourselves. Is there such a strong sharp angle in the store? What kind of problems will it bring? Even if it doesn't hurt or hurt, the customer immediately feels in a bad mood. Therefore, the shop should have a comprehensive view, if there is an acute angle, the need for protective treatment.



  Yongchuang Art Warm Reminder: The rise and fall of business mother and baby stores depends on customers, customers are the source of wealth. Customers will flourish when there are more and more mothers and babies. Therefore, the principle of geomantic omen layout for the decoration of mothers and babies stores should depend on customers, and all stations should be considered from the customer's point of view.

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