How to Make Performance Boom in Mother and Child Stores

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  With the increasing number of mother-to-child stores, together with the impact of various retail channels such as Shangchao, e-commerce platform, micro-stores and online Red live channel, the competition has become increasingly fierce and the cost of getting customers has become higher. Many investors who are ready to join the mother-to-child industry can not help but wonder: Is mother-to-shop good now? In fact, otherwise, mother-and-child stores can change the traditional "business-sitting" store-keeping mode of operation, through the distribution of leaflets, promotional activities, street solicitation, word-of-mouth and other means of brand promotion and customer renewal, enhance the selling point of mother-and-child stores, so as to stand out in the fierce competition.



  How to Make Performance Boom in Mother and Child Stores

  1 product selling point: best selling product + profit product

  If you want to do a good job in mother and baby stores, the choice of products is the key. We often see luxurious and exquisite mothers and babies shops selling low-end products on the market. We can also see milk powder, diapers, supplementary food, toys, baby carts, shoes and hats in mothers and babies stores of 20 to 30 square meters filled every corner. We can also see that a mothers and babies shop selling baby food is big and small. More than a dozen unknown small brands… However, business is tepid and reluctantly maintained. Why does this happen?

  The first is to ignore their own positioning, blindly let consumers lead by the nose; the second is that some people mistakenly regard all maternal and infant-related things as their main category, instead of focusing on them, they are unable to start; the third is to pursue high profits, but ignore the real needs of consumers. Analyzing the operation problems of these mother and baby stores, the final analysis is that there are problems in product selection.

  For mother-and-child stores, in order to make profits in the fierce competition, it is necessary to make an effective combination of "best-selling products" and "profit products", attract customers with the sales of circulating products, increase the rate of entering stores, be good at tapping the selling points of high-profit products in the process of selling best-selling products, and promote the sales of high-profit products. High-profit products to increase the gross operating profit of stores.

  2. Experience selling points: developing value-added services for mothers and babies

  Nowadays, after 8090, they have become the mainstream group of mother and child consumption. They shop not only by looking at the environment and product brand, but also by feeling service and seeking experience. In addition, their parenting ideas and methods are different from those before. In their view, it is a good way to teach and enjoy without rigidity, compulsion and flexibility. Therefore, how to make children who follow their parents into stores play happily while developing their intelligence is the pursuit of the younger generation of parents after 8090.

  Therefore, for mother and child stores, we need to adjust some new ideas, and try to add some value-added items when conditions permit, such as baby swimming, post-natal rehabilitation, parent-child diy, naughty castle and so on.

  Through these value-added projects, not only can customers be attracted to enter stores and meet the diversified needs of customers, but also can improve customer viscosity and loyalty, thus achieving multi-point profit.



  3. Selling Points: In-sales and After-sales Service in place

  In the sale of maternal and infant products, infant milk powder, infant food, bottles and nipples account for the highest proportion, reaching about 50%~60%. However, many parents are more willing to believe that they have experienced it personally based on the safety of their babies. Therefore, for the maternal and infant industry, even if the impact of e-commerce is not small, e-commerce can not completely replace the line. Next mother and baby shop is the entity channel.

  Secondly, maternal and infant stores can provide a full range of services, including professional guided purchasing and after-sale refund issues, which are lacking in e-commerce platform.

  Mother-to-child shop guide needs to provide customers with the necessary product introduction and purchase suggestions through professional knowledge. It can also create a good service experience in the shop. In addition, it can use door-to-door delivery to issue leaflets, or directly recommend new products, which will increase the possibility of consumers turning into members, as well as. Enough to help store better development.

  To sum up, as long as we grasp the selling points of the above stores and can really implement them, it is not difficult for the mother-and-child stores to do a good job. If we grasp the management skills of the mother-and-child stores, seize the trading opportunities, and always have the determination to operate for a long time, the business will become better and better.

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