What is the trend of supermarket retail industry in 2019?

2019-08-03 11:45:43 永创艺货架

  Today, share the four trends of supermarket industry and even the whole retail industry in 2019.

  1. Experience, Experience, Experience

  Once, the motto that the real estate industry and even the retail industry have always respected is "location, location, location". Indeed, in the past, when supplies were insufficient and formats were insufficient, location was very important. And as the Millennium generation becomes a major consumer group, you will find that what they need is "experience, experience, experience". They pay more attention to user experience than any previous generation. They are willing to spend more time and energy to find products that fit their experience, even supermarkets, and then generate user viscosity.

  Supermarket design is one of the cornerstones of supermarket shopping experience. When shoppers enter the supermarket, they will immediately pay attention to several factors consciously or unconsciously, such as the overall visual experience of the supermarket, the lighting design of the supermarket, the layout design of the supermarket and so on, which can directly affect the purchase behavior.

  Supermarket layout, VI guide design, moving line design, lighting design, Meichen soft clothing design, etc., constitute the keynote of the whole supermarket shopping experience, supermarket design to a certain extent determines the attraction of the supermarket to customers.

  2. Supermarket high-end, high-quality

  For supermarkets, the high-end retail experience is coming. High-end supermarkets pay more attention to the integration of "efficiency" and "experience", small formats have more vitality, in the efficiency of the market, do more in the experience. The strong driving force of high-end supermarkets mainly comes from two points: first, China's sustained upward economic situation; second, high consumption habits and district-superior consumption structure make high-end supermarkets still have a fixed consumer group.

  And high-end supermarkets and boutique supermarkets seem to have higher requirements for the design of commercial space. Supermarket design, to a certain extent, can reflect the brand positioning. At the same time, returning to the first point, good supermarket design is also the key to help enhance the shopping experience.


  3. Freshness is the key

  In recent years, fresh supermarkets are booming, which also proves a problem: freshness.

  The presentation of fresh food, to a certain extent, depends on the design of supermarket lighting, the color quality of goods under the lighting. Color is a fresh language. Customers want to see the vibrant tones of vegetables, fruits and meat, which triggers the impulse to buy. 4. More supermarkets introduce catering industry

  Supermarket catering industry has been introduced several years ago, but it may take off in 2019. Compared with the simple catering counter and delicatessen counter in the past, the catering industry after the supermarket may be more inclined to develop into a cafe, a complete and mature catering industry and so on.

  The rise of supermarket catering industry will make up for the decrease of non-food income, prolong customers'stay time in supermarkets, and become a favorable magnet to attract consumers effectively.

  In addition to providing attractive cuisine, the space design of these areas is also critical. This catering area brings customers a touch of leisure and comfort after busy shopping. It can be regarded as a place to relax and socialize. The spatial design of this area helps customers to have a good shopping experience.


  Above is an introduction to the four trends of supermarket industry in 2019. I hope it can bring you some help. If you have any questions and need help, you can log on to Yongchuang Art Shelf Official Website. At the same time, you are welcome to leave a message on the website. We will provide you with free shop opening guidance, design and whole store shelf output and other related services. Yongchuang Art Shelf will win-win with you.

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