Retail giants have entered convenience stores, how to open convenience stores to make money?

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  How to open a money-making convenience store?

  (1) Choosing the right location of the store (guaranteed passenger flow)

  (2) Familiarity with the characteristics of the shop population (age/purchasing power)

  (3) Understanding Consumption Habits and Preferences

  (4) Permanent population in the region

  (5) Find out the situation of the surrounding retail stores

  Analysis: The number of people can ensure the conversion rate of passenger flow, the purchasing power of income and the premium ability of convenience stores.


  1. Choosing the right location to ensure passenger flow

  In the convenience store industry, there is a saying that the correct location is half the success. This shows how important the location of convenience stores is. The so-called site refers to the location of the store. Summarizing the successful experience of convenience store management in the world (especially in Japan), the location condition of convenience store is the key to ensure the success of operation.

  The core of convenience store's location condition is the passenger flow in the business circle. The main factors affecting the passenger flow are: the number of families in the business circle, the number of enterprises and institutions; the traffic flow through the entrance of the store; the shape of the road, the shape of the sidewalk, the openness around the shop, etc. The business circle of mature convenience stores in foreign countries usually centers around the location of the store, with a radius of about 300 meters; in small and medium-sized cities, the radius expands to about 500 meters. The target population of each shop is between 2600 and 3000. If 3.6 people in a family are counted, the number of families is between 722 and 833. The main points of site conditions suitable for convenience stores are summarized as follows:

  (1) Situated on the "Way of Life"“

  The so-called "Niu Living Road" means that the road in which the shop is located is not a simple road of transportation, but should be surrounded by a certain number of homes and units. This ensures a certain number of fixed customers.

  (2) Close to the station

  The station here mainly refers to the subway station. Or a bus stop with a large number of official buses and a large passenger flow. Close to the station can bring more mobile customers to the store.

  (3) There is a sufficient number of people living in the business circle.

  Generally speaking, the living population of more than 3000 people should be guaranteed in the business circle (within 5-7 minutes of hiking), so as to facilitate the convenience function of convenience stores.

  (4) Close to the gathering place

  The places where people can gather mainly refer to government agencies, theatres, police stations, schools, tourist sites, etc. They can bring a lot of passengers to stores.

  (5) There is an office street nearby.

  There are office buildings and there are passenger flows. The main passenger flows in office buildings are white-collar workers with high purchasing power. They often have a strong demand for convenience stores in real time.

  (6) There are single dormitories or apartments nearby.

  Residents in single dormitories or apartments are particularly keen on convenience, which brings great opportunities for convenience store sales.

  (7) Rent should be less than one day's sales

  The operation of convenience stores must be based on low cost. High rent will hinder the expansion of convenience stores. Suitable monthly rent is best controlled within one day's turnover.

  (8) Fewer competitors

  There should be no competitors in the business circle as far as possible, because competitors will divert customers from stores, thus affecting economic efficiency.

  The essence of the eight key points of the above convenience store site conditions is to maximize the flow of customers in the store.

  2. Layout well, supply plenty and variety

  Snacks, fresh, daily-use Department stores, do a good job of shop layout. Stores should be well designed, clean and tidy, and the supply of goods has quality assurance. If the space in the store is large enough, you can put some toys for children to play with. For example, in rainy days, you can prepare some umbrellas and put them in an obvious position at the door. So many people urgently need umbrellas, see here ** umbrellas. They will come and buy it. Only by giving customers what they need and letting them see it, will there be the possibility for customers to buy it.

  3. Ensuring Quality and Increasing Shopping Confidence with High Quality Goods

  Fresh and fresh food sold in convenience stores must be fresh, and other daily department stores should also be guaranteed within the use date. Guarantee authentic goods, high-quality goods are not short of people to buy.

  What is a high quality product? This definition varies from person to person, but according to Nielsen, the world's leading performance management company, products whose prices exceed 20% or more of the average price of the category can be considered "quality". In addition to meeting the normal needs of consumers, such products can also provide consumers with pleasant mental enjoyment, more importantly, it is a manifestation of superior quality of life and superior status, as if a rich man would not shout that he is rich in the street, but through his consumption of food and clothing, it can be seen that he is rich. How high is the quality of life?

  According to Nielsen research, 60% of respondents are willing to pay for higher quality and safer products. The products with good quality and high safety are attracting more and more attention. They use their own charm and advantages to guide customers'consumption concepts, and even to promote the formation of new consumption habits. Why are there more and more high-end washing brands in China? Why is Oba becoming more and more popular as the main force of domestic high-end washing and nursing? It's very simple. What consumers need is not just simple demand, but also enjoyment.

  Fourth, do a good job of service, value-added services bring new profit points

  Convenience store services are also very important. In addition to basic services, the convenience of value-added services is the core competitiveness of convenience stores, but also a new profit point. It is understood that the profit of value-added services in Taiwan's convenience stores has accounted for 60-70% of the total. For example, for the nearer users, when they buy large quantities of things, they can help deliver goods to their homes. For customers who are in urgent need and inconvenient to come out, they can pre-order by telephone and deliver goods to their doors. In order to solve the "last mile" of logistics, many e-commerce giants are also seeking to cooperate with convenience stores to establish a pick-up point, convenience stores can provide collect express delivery. In addition, it can also provide services such as bus card recharge, train ticket printing, ** repayment, payment of water and electricity charges, etc. Increasing service items according to customers'needs not only facilitates customers, but also increases the revenue of convenience stores.


  5. Efficient management, improving efficiency and optimizing operation

  Traditional couple stores or convenience stores rely on manual bookkeeping, which has high error rate and difficult inquiry. It is a heavy management of stores. Update the management mode of convenience stores, use computer to manage the purchase, sale and storage, analyze the information of customers in stores, such as consumption habits, consumption hobbies, adjust the sales of goods in stores, etc., to improve the efficiency of operation.

  6. Experience Upgrading to Extend Shopping Time

  More scenarios are properly deployed in the store. By deploying smart hardware such as smart touch screen, scanning and purchasing, and electronic price, convenience stores are upgraded to smart stores, attracting customers to shop experience, and giving customers more experience and fresh shopping sense. It can prolong shopping time and create more consumption possibilities.

  Convenience stores are mainly located in the early stage of opening stores. Once location is selected, half of the stores have been successful. Then do a good job of decoration, the latter mainly depends on how to operate. If you want to successfully open a convenience store with over ten thousand dollars in revenue, the main thing is to highlight convenience. To provide customers with more convenient services, to facilitate customer needs. If we do all these things well, we will get twice the result with half the effort in running a convenience store.

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