Stationery store shelves

2019-09-27 15:04:23 LMPi7kRk3fXf

The biggest feature of the stationery store is that it is rich in variety and has many items. To ensure sufficient safety, it is also necessary to consider the comprehensiveness of the display. This is in the process of designing and decorating the stationery store. It is necessary to consider the design rationally and can be based on the quantity and type of products. Overall planning of sales methods, such as lighting layout and color matching, which can make better use of space and promote the effect of the entire decoration facade. Under such circumstances, more customers will be brought. More customers.

       Stationery stores must have a style, which is a key point in the decoration design to express the characteristics, and the decoration design style to form a characteristic guarantee process, just can give people a good visual effect and experience, more free Enjoy the taste and unique charm brought by the style.

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