Boutique shelf

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Mingchuang boutiques include three different wall cabinets in the "1" shape, "7" shape and double column shape. The combination is flexible, with scientific, multi-purpose shelf design and different sizes to choose from. And adopt one-way access design, no matter whether the staff is arranging goods or customers are convenient to take things, but also can beautify the space of the field, and at the same time it can use the wall's own stability, the shelf is made as high as space. Personalized customization according to different load-bearing and design requirements, to expand the display space for the store, and to create a stylish and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

In addition, the boutique also introduces a variety of mid-island cabinets, water tables, small stacks, five-story ladders, A-frames, three-layer circular frames, poster frames, umbrella stands and other supporting equipment, which is convenient for you. purchase.

        The store's whole store design reflects the experience requirements of simplicity, fashion and generosity. Yongchuang Art combines many years of experience in boutique design to provide customers with professional boutique shelf services.

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