Maternal store shelves

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Maternal and child shop theme style: small fresh, warm. First of all, we must consider the overall decoration design of the shop from the parents' psychology. The store's light green color is matched with the bright yellow to give a fresh and warm atmosphere. At the same time, the pregnant and female areas, the children's daily necessities area, the children's clothing area, the milk powder area and the diaper area are arranged. The toy area enables customers to remember the products they need, introduces their minds to attract customers with novel design concepts, creates classified shopping scenes, and makes customers feel natural and resonate. More importantly, in order to attract customers to buy.

       In addition to the decoration design, the maternal and child shop should master the layout and color matching, and ensure the environmental protection, people-oriented, and at the same time reflect the characteristics of the mother and baby, let people feel warm, have affinity, in order to highlight the quality.

       Yongchuangyi focuses on the whole store output, and has experienced in store style design, maternal and child shelf layout, merchandise display, service concept and other aspects.

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